by In This Style

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released April 20, 2019


all rights reserved



In This Style South Bend, Indiana

Midwest band that engages in sonic anarchism.

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Track Name: From the Ruins...
Ghosts of cities haunt a rusting empire
a ship lost at sea
there's treasure sinking
in the wreckage
may the ruins elevate me
from the ruins

I will rise
from the ruins

What is it I see
a lamp upon the shore
will you guide me home tonight
or leave me to the storm
toss me to the waves
of an unforgiving sea
or pull me from the wake
that would have ruined me

Broken column
breaking the tide
a perch for the crow
all that it supported
now carrion bones

There are no paths to follow
only a current of debris
choking on the surf I swallowed
to taste salinity

If we only have this moment
of my own catastrophe
jettison these troubles
and let them ruin me

From the ruins
I will rise
Track Name: A Spirit Divine
Jesus Christ
made the finest wine
let's drink tonight
until our blood's divine

all of you laugh
everyone cry
betray with a kiss
any lover's goodbye
your life is your own
so don't sit in a grave
and dig 'til you die
while you pray to be saved

Jesus Christ
with his angel eyes
bleeding light
while the vintner's bottle dries

all of you laugh
everyone cry
betray with a kiss
every lover's goodbye
your life is your own
so don't sit in a grave
and dig 'til you die
while you pray to be saved

Jesus Christ
how bloodshot are my eyes
walk upon the wine
that they water down with lies
Track Name: Goddamn Wolf
I hear you in the night
your voice is fading
a sanguine crescendo
our paths sidereal
our fangs upon the hoof
take life by the throat, my love
just like a goddamn wolf

how far have I come
and how far must I go
as I prowl and pine
I wear the night as a cloak
in the crescent light we eat
the golden marrow of the kings
this world is ours, my love
the zephyr sweetly sings
Track Name: Boogieman
no, you won't find me
underneath your bed
I'm much closer
it's like I said

you cannot hide
from what dwells inside

so don't look
at what you're scared to see
in the mirror
you'll find yourself looking at me
Track Name: ...Through the Graves
Not unlike, not the same
a corpse for every grave
all in line past the gates
an equal share of fate
different plot, different name
the difference is ornate
we all rot in the shade
of the dust the heavens made

Is there light underground?
is there life beyond the shroud?
who can say what is found
once the mortal coil is unwound
take your time in this place
where fools tend to race
what a shame, what a waste
you should savor every taste

through the graves
across a stream
I met myself within a dream
you were there so suddenly
I lost myself in spite of me
...lost in spite of me

all the time
slips through your hands
you'll never find
lost grains of sand
you clutch so tight
yet still they fall
scattered wide
to spread the pall clutch yet still they fall

just to see
the light of your eyes
to watch them shine
just one more time
to hear the sound
of laughter in your voice
I could find peace
the heart rejoice
...the heart rejoice

spend your gold
rend the veil
the grave is cold
the soul prevails

...the soul prevails

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